This is a cozy and special place,
dedicated to emerging artists.

We pay particular attention to what the artist wants to convey through their songs, and do our best to bring out the full potential.

It's the perfect reality for singers, songwriters and bands.

If you're looking for a team that can support you in your musical journey, from the music making to the artist development, you're in the right place.

Registriamo “in the box”, ovvero gestiamo tutto (o quasi) nel computer.

Questo ci permette di essere veloci e flessibili, e di poter trovare il suono perfetto quando vogliamo, con plugin.


Mix & Master

We provide a range of mixing services, keeping in mind the needs that an upcoming artist can look for in 2022.

Beside classic mixes, we know you need lots of content for your social media. This is why you can rely on us for mixing acoustic live sessions or a simple instrumental + your vocal in short time, so you can keep your socials running and interesting.

You will keep high quality on your releases, social and YouTube at a reasonable price, while showing a professional image of you.


Guido and Jay are multi-instrumentalists and can bring life to your songs with a high quality production. Click here to discover their background.

We produce several genres but tend to a modern, fresh and international sound, always respecting the will and style of the artist.

Quality and deadlines are fundamental for us.

We will bring out the full potential of your songs.

We also create readymade instrumentals for singers and commercial advertising. 

Helping you succeed


Would you like to record your podcast and talk about what's new in your world?

Simply send us the recording: we will enhance the audio quality and set the volume to broadcasting standards.



Artist Development &
Social Media

Plan your next release, engage better with your fans, reach new listeners and create a professional profile.

We will help you deliver a clear image to those who discover you, through a review of your bio, social strategy, post, stories and graphics.

Plan your next release with us!


Do you have a project in mind but you don't have the right musicians?

Need some help working out an arrangement?

Ask us!